The Derek Olivier Research Institute (DORI) for the Prevention of Violence located at Arkansas Baptist College was established to create awareness and seek tangible solutions to this epidemic of violence.


The Institute was established and named in honor of Derek Olivier, an Arkansas Baptist College student. His senseless murder was captured on video on Sept. 27, 2012 as he helped a stranger change a flat tire across the street from the college’s campus. Derek’s untimely death is a testament to the thousands of lives lost each year to senseless violence by those who have given up on pursuing a promising future of their own.


The DORI, in partnership with Saint Louis University School of Education, CityServe, Our Kids African American Male Mentoring Program and others, are embracing our youth while attempting to develop their potential regardless of their current background, social or economic status.

The single most important action you can take is to make a contribution to help fund innovative community intervention programs.


These breakthrough community programs are being developed and implemented in cooperation with the Derek Olivier Research Institute for the Prevention of Violence in cooperation with Arkansas Baptist College Foundation. Contact us HERE to find out more.

Growing Hope